The pedemontana of Reit – Circular route

Total length of excursion: 7650 meters

Total uphill difference in height: 350 meters

Approximate total time needed for the excursion: 3 hours and 15 minutes

Difficulty: easy (4 out of 10)

Recommended season: all year round (possible presence of ice in the spring season)

Suitable for rain days?: yes (take care in case of storms – avoid crossing the valleys during a storm)

General characteristics of the natural environment : larch forest with panoramic views of the Bormio landscape

Presence of water/fountains on the excursion: yes

Trip on the bordes of the Stelvio National Park: yes

Benches on the route: yes

Picnic areas on the route: yes

Alpine shelters, bars or restaurants along the route: no

Circular route: yes

Back and forth route: no

Pushchair accessible: no

Excursion starting point: Albergo Adele

Geographic coordinates of the starting point: 46°28’16.99” N – 10°22’19.50” E  — UTM:  32T 605333 – 5147339

Altitude of the starting point: 1250 meters asl          Maximum height reached on the excursion:   1570 meters asl

Description of the excursion

The “Pedemontana of Mount Reit” circular route offers the opportunity to hike surrounded by a beautiful larch wood. A peaceful walk in a relaxing environment, completely immersed in nature.

Starting from Albergo Adele you go uphill along “Monte Braulio street” until you meet the national road of Stelvio. You walk along  the national road (on the right side) for about 150 meters until the bridge over the river Campello.  Without crossing the bridge, on your right you go uphill along the stone road (initially stone road and later single track) that in a few hundred meters brings you to the Botanical Garden “Rezia”. Near the Botanical Garden the track presents a short and narrow section where it’s necessary to pay attention.     At the Botanical Garden  you should cross the bridge over the Campello River.

Continue north-west along the stone road that, with some short uphill and downhill sequences, brings you to meet the “Campello road” near an iron barrier.

At the intersection turn left and go downhill along Campello street until you reach the national road.

A few meters before the national road turn right and go uphill along the stone road built for the construction of the big dirt walls. Go uphill along this road for about 150 meters until when, near the first right hairpin bend, you have to take the cement trail in the direction of “Pravasivo” (pay attention  during the first few meters). On a beautiful trail, surrounded by a wonderful larch wood, walk slightly uphill until you reach the “Pravasivo” area.

From here follow the “Pedemontana of Mount Reit” until the small chapel (click here for the description of this section). Once you reach the small chapel continue along the steep downhill road (very steep only for the first few meters) until the intersection with the stone road that, always going downhill, takes you in the direction of “Pramezzano” (road signs).

Arriving at the “Baite of Pramezzano” (houses), leave the road and take the single track that, upstream of the houses, goes straight toward Bormio.

The route, with an incredible view over the wide valley of Bormio and its town, reaches at first the “Gesa Rota” (ancient church and castle) and then, always going downhill, the first houses of Bormio. Here, continue your descent along “Santelone street” and “San Francesco street”.

Without significant deviations you will arrive at the end of the descent when you’ll meet “Monte Braulio street”. Here turn right and go uphill. In a few minutes you will return to the hotel.

Cultural points on the route: the green stone of the “Val di Campello”

Enjoy your walk!

Stefano and all of the Albergo Adele staff

Text translated by Stefano Bedognè and Paul Faller (teacher at My English Lodi)