We would like to advise you not to use satellite navigators since they could lead you to cross our mountain passes. Moreover, they could lead you to shorter routes in terms of kilometres, but longer in terms of time.


  • From Milan – Take the Northern bypass, leave it at Cinisello Balsamo, take the clearway SS36 in direction of Lecco until you reach Colico. Lastly, take the clearway SS38 in direction of Sondrio, Tirano, Bormio.
  • From Torino – In tangential, take the exit for Viale Zara and follow the signs for Lecco, Sondrio and Bormio.
  • From Brescia – Take the A4 highway and leave it at Brescia Ovest, in direction of Iseo Lake. Afterwards, take the clearway SS42 for Breno, Edolo, then leave it for the SS39 one in direction of Aprica, Stazzona, Tirano. Lastly, take the clearway in direction of Bormio. At Edolo Do not get out at Montirolo pass or Gavia pass.
  • From Bergamo – Follow the clearway SS 432 until you reach Cisano Bergamasco (approximately 17 kilimetres), then follow the SS 639 for 10 kilometres until you reach Lecco. Continue on the clearway until you reach Colico, then take the SS38 in direction of Sondrio, Tirano, Bormio.


  • From Zernez
    IN SUMMER: Ofen Pass + Umbrail Pass.
    IN WINTER: Take the “Munt la Schera” Tunnel, until you reach Livigno, then take the clearway SS301 in direction of Bormio. The Tunnel is open throughout the year, after the payment of a toll (check the timetables first).
    For more information click here.
  • From Bolzano
    IN SUMMER: Stelvio Pass or Umbrail Pass.
  • From Saint Moritz
    IN SUMMER: Bernina Pass, Forcola Pass, Livigno and Bormio.
    IN WINTER: Bernina Pass, Tirano and Bormio.


  • From Tirano, once you have reached Bormio following the SS38, keep following the main road until you reach the only working highlight. After 50 metres, take the first hill road on the right.
  • From Livigno or from Stelvio Pass, once you have passed the sign “Bormio” (a downhill road, just before a big sharp U-bend on the right), take the first road on the left (follow the sign).

>> Click here for all informations on situation of the mountain passes!

Attention! We remind you that from the 15th October to the 30th April, all motor vehicles must be equipped with winter pneumatics or, alternatively, with snow chains on board. This rule applies for the entire road system of the territory of Valtellina.


From Italy you can arrive to Bormio by train and you can choose among different solutions. A direct train leaves from “Milano Centrale” every day and arrives at Tirano in approximately 2 hours and a half. Thanks to the initiative “I travel in Lombardy” (Io viaggio in Lombardia) the public transport in the Lombardy Region is particularly convenient. Form more informations: Trenord o Regione Lombardia.

From Tirano, a bus service is available: it corresponds with most of the arriving and leaving trains with destination Bormio. For more informations – Tel. +39 0342.905090 | Automobilistica Perego.

From Nothern Europe
A line of public transport connects Switzerland with Livigno and, therefore, with Bormio. To arrive at Bormio by train from Zurich, you can consult the timetables of the Rhaetian Railway – Tel. +41 (0)81 2886565, with stop at Zernez. From here you can continue by bus in direction of Livigno – Tel. +39 0342.996283 | Silvestri Bus. After changing bus, you will reach Bormio in about an hour – Tel. +39 0342.905090 | Perego Bus.
If you prefer to arrive in Bormio by train from St. Moritz, you can reach the Tirano terminal via Rhaetian Railway (RHB) and, subsequently, reach Bormio benefitting from the bus lines of Alta Valtellina – Tel. +39 0342.905090 | Perego Bus.

Taxi service
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