Culture in Bormio, one more opportunity!

Section of blog of Hotel Adele dedicated to the culture and art in Bormio and Alta Valtellina in general

The Alta Valtellina area, called in the past “La Magnifica terra” (the wonderful land), in our time is an international tourist destination with a strong focus on sports and Spas but, also the distracted visitors can see at first glance how this land has a past rich in history, art and culture.

The origins of Bormio are surely pre-roman and this is confirmed by an Etruscan stele, symbolising a water God, discovered in the 1970s. Not far from Bormio, in Grosio, you can also visit the “Rupe Magna”, an incredible rock with prehistoric engravings.
There are also masterpieces of art inside all of the churches and museums in the Bormio area, for example the Municipal Museum of Bormio or the Ethnographic Museum of Valfurva.

As you have already understood, Art and Culture have been in Bormio since time immemorial and they make it a real Italian village, a little town where together with sports, relaxation and good food, it is possible to feed the soul with history, art and culture.


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