Excursion to the “Filon del Mot” – circular route

Total length of excursion: 11200 meters

Total uphill difference in height: 650 meters

Approximate total time needed for the excursion: 5 hours

Difficulty: hard (7 out of 10)

Recommended season: from the first days of July to the end of Sept. (check the altitude of snow before your trip) Suitable for rainy days? no

General characteristics of the natural environment: High mountain panoramic trail

Presence of water\fountains on the excursion: Yes (in the second part of the route)

Trip on the borders of the Stelvio National Park: yes

Benches on the route: no

Picnic areas on the route: no

Alpine shelters, bars or restaurants along the route: no

Circular route: yes

Back and forth route: no

Pushchair accessible: no

Excursion starting point:  Stelvio’s gondola car park

Geographic coordinates of the starting point: 46°31’39.97” N – 10°27’05.66” E —- UTM: 32T 611325 – 5153713

Altitude of the starting point: 2765 meters asl      Maximum height reached on the excursion: 3094 meters asl

Description of the excursion

The circular route at the “Filon del Mot”, which starts  at the Stelvio Pass, is a very satisfying excursion where the limitless high mountain landscape beautifully contrasts with the still visible signs of the White War. In this very excursion, in fact, it’s possible to reach a 3094-meter mountain summit and, at the same time, to walk among history along the Italian and Austro-Hungarian front line of the first world war.

From the car park in front of the Hotel Pirovano at the Stelvio Pass go uphill along the stone road that, behind the gondola house, goes up steeply in the direction of the “Nagler” and “Le Platigliole”.

Once you reach the “Passo delle Platigliole” turn right (route sign) and walk uphill along the trail in the direction of the mount “Scorluzzo” summit. This uphill section the track presents some short detours that, in any case, don’t influence the ascent.

Arriving at the “Monte Scorluzzo” summit and with your back to the ridge you have just climbed, take the trail that descends on your lower left (south west).

The first meters of the downhill track are not very clear but, from the information sign near the summit, you can see the painted markings (white\green\red stripes). The descent from the summit, for about a hundred meters, presents some sections equipped with metal cables. This section is the only technical part of the excursion and, although it is without any significant difficulties or dangers, it’s necessary to pay careful attention. Finishing the equipped tract the trail becomes easier and follows entirely the crest called “Filon del Mot”. In this part of the trail, a magnificent landscape blends with the remnants of the war including: trenches, dry stone walls, wooden stairs, the remains of barracks and barbedwire.

The route, with the exception of a short rocky pinnacle (which can be passed on the left), continues slightly downhill until the military village of “Filon del Mot”.

Once you arrive near the historical military village (we suggest you visit the area) turn right on the trail going downhill that, in a few minutes, brings you to the evident “Malga Scorluzzo” (Shepard’s cottage) and the flat meadow of the same name.

In proximity of the mountain pasture the track widens again until it becomes an easy stone road. Continue slightly downhill until you meet, at a hairpin bend, the military road that goes in the direction of the “Rese Basse”. At the hairpin bend, turn right and go slightly uphill along the military road in the direction of the artillery area of the “Rese Basse”. Once you reach the area, in proximity of the iron statue dedicated to the Virgin of the Snow, go in the direction of the Stelvio Pass and, on a nice single track you will arrive at “De la Stua” hairpin bend on the national road. Here you should follow the national road uphill for about 1 kilometre. When you meet the older asphalt road of Stelvio, today closed to traffic by some large stones, take it and with a final effort you will return to the starting point.

Along the route it’s possible to see steinboks, marmots, white partridges, royal eagles and bearded vultures. The alpine flora is also precious with the presence of significant species like: gentians, buttercups, rhododendrons, soldanellas and achilleas (Taneda in our dialect).

Cultural points along the route: Sites of the White War:  Mount Scorluzzo – Filon del Mot – Rese Basse.

At the end of the excursion, we suggest you visit the interesting Museum “Carlo Donegani” at Stelvio Pass and take a short break at the military memorial monument near the small church of Saint Ranieri near the III° Cantoniera of Stelvio.

Enjoy your walk!

Stefano and all of the Albergo Adele staff

Text translated by Stefano Bedognè and Paul Faller (teacher at MyEnglish Lodi)