The well-being, art and culture walk

Total length of excursion: 4529 meters
Total uphill difference in height: 103 meters
Approximate total time needed for the excursion:  1 hours and 30 minutes
Difficulty: easy (3 out of 10)
Recommended season: from April to the end of October
Suitable for rainy days? yes
General characteristics of the natural environment: Meadows and historical center
Presence of water\fountains on the excursion: yes
Trip on the borders of the Stelvio National Park: yes in part
Benches on the route: yes
Picnic areas on the route: no
Alpine shelters, bars or restaurants along the route: yes
Circular route: yes
Back and forth route: no
Pushchair accessible: yes
Excursion starting point: Albergo Adele
Geographic coordinates of the starting point: 46°28’16.99” N – 10°22’19.50” E  —  UTM:  32T 605333  – 5147339
Altitude of the starting point: 1240 meters asl             Maximum height reached on the excursion: 1275 meters asl


The well-being, art and culture walk is an easy and relaxing excursion suitable for everyone. The walk combines the art and culture of the historical center of Bormio with the pace and well-being of the “Feleit” and “Uzza” meadows.

Description of the excursion:

Starting from Albergo Adele you go downhill along “via Monte Braulio” and take the first road on the right (via Garzetti). Continue downhill along “via P. Pedranzini” until you reach “Piazza V° Alpini”. Cross the park of “piazza V° Alpini” and continue straight on until you arrive at “via de Simoni”. Here turn left and follow “via de Simoni” slightly uphill in the opposite direction to traffic until you reach (on your right) the church of “Sant’ Ignazio” and after that “piazza Cavour”. The square, called “piazza del Kuerc” by the locals, is the town’s main square. Here, walk up the steps in front of the church, then turn right and walk along the right hand side of the building. You pass beneath a frescoed vault (1393 A.D.) and continue straight (going downhill for the first few meters) until you reach the historic Combo bridge.

After crossing the bridge, turn right. A few meters ahead turn left onto the first road on the left (via Crocefisso) that with a short ascent brings you to the “Piazza del Santo Crocefisso” also called “Piazza di Combo” by the locals.

You bypass the church staying on its left along the narrow street between the religious building and the fountain of the square. Continue straight along “via Sant’Antonio” until you arrive at a little chapel, and subsequently at the crossroad with “Via Marconi”. You continue straight taking “via Anglar”, the access road of the foot\cycle path called “Sentiero Frodolfo”. At the end of “via Anglar” you turn right and continue along the “Sentiero Frodolfo”.

This first section of the foot\cycle path runs along the “Agualar”, the canal historically built to enable the work of the mills in that area and the irrigation of the “Alute” meadow. A visible reminder of the past is the waterwheel (restored in recent years) of the centuries old sawmill (Rasiga) that you will see on the right.

After a few hundred meters on level ground the road starts to ascend with some steep sections. Continue until you arrive at the “a2a” dam where, walking on the road that runs above the barrier, you cross the river and continue on the stone road until you reach the main road of Gavia and “Santa Caterina”.

Turn right going uphill and after walking for about fifteen meters, cross the main road and, turning left, take the panoramic track that heads back towards Bormio. You will follow the track until its end (some sections have steep slopes). Re-entering the town of Bormio turn left and continue slightly downhill along “via Alberti”. At the end of “via Alberti” continue straight along “vicolo Sermondi” and after that on “via Buon Consiglio” (Palazzo de Simoni – municipal museum) that you follow until its end where it crosses “via San Francesco”. Proceed straight downhill along “via San Francesco” until “via Monte Braulio” where you turn right and with a short ascent you will return to Albergo Adele.

Cultural points along the route:

The historic center of Bormio with its churches, narrow streets and old buildings. Near the historical and cultural points you can find information panels that make interesting reading and can enrich your walking experience.

Enjoy your walk!