escursion on the Pedemontana of mount Reit – Bormio

Total length of excursion: 6500 meters

Total uphill difference in height: 203 meters

Approximate total time needed for the excursion: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Difficulty: easy (3 out of 10)

Recommended season: all year round (possible presence of ice in the winter season)

Suitable for rainy days? yes (take care in case of storms – avoid crossing the valleys during a storm)

General characteristics of the natural environment: larch forest with panoramic views of the Bormio landscape

Presence of water\fountains on the excursion: yes 1 fountain (picnic area) and 1 stream (Campello)

Trip on the borders of the Stelvio National Park: yes

Benches on the route: yes

Picnic areas on the route: yes

Alpine shelters, bars or restaurants along the route: no

Circular route: no

Back and forth route: yes

Pushchair accessible: yes

Excursion starting point: Car Park Pravasivo – km106 sulla strada dello Stelvio

Geographic coordinate of the starting point: 46°29’05” N – 10°58” E —- UTM: 32T 605333 – 5147339

Altitude of the starting point: 1410 meters asl Maximum height reached on the excursion: 1570 meters asl

Description of the escursion

Almost entirely surrounded by a beautiful larch forest, the “pedemontana” of Mount Reit is the hiking business card of Bormio. The route takes you along a mostly flat country lane, interrupted only by few short uphill slopes with short steep sections. This excursion, with its modest height differences, is suitable for everyone and is also accessible for families with pushchairs.

The excursion starts from “Pravasivo” car park, at km106 of the Stelvio national road. Leave the car and take the country lane uphill. After a few hundred meters the road becomes flat until a short descent brings you to the Campello Valley crossing. Here you will find the turning for the “Rezia” Botanical Garden. About 300 meters after crossing the river, the road begins to go up. After a short steep slope (you will see the turning for the track of “Croce della Reit” but don’t take it) the ascent will be easier and shortly become flat. In a few minutes you will arrive at the picnic area “Planon dei Laresc” where there is a fountain. After the break, climbing gently and always on the main road, in less than a thousand meters you will arrive at a small chapel. At that point, don’t continue along the steep downhill slope, but go back the way you came until you arrive back at the start of the excursion.

This walk, well furnished with lovely and panoramic benches, is accessible all year round. During the excursion we suggest you take a few moments to look at, apart from the panorama, the many birds, the squirrels, the monumental larch located near the “Croce della Reit” intersection, and the historic dry stone walls, which are a true masterpiece of craftsmanship and good taste.

Cultural points of interest along the route: The Campello Valley and its typical green stone.

Enjoy your walk!

Stefano and all of the Albergo Adele staff

Text translated by Stefano Bedognè and Paul Faller (teacher at MyEnglish Lodi)

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