The excursion to “I bei Laghetti” is a long and fascinating high mountain itinerary marked by the incredible variety of landscapes, from an incredible view over Bormio and all the mountains of the area to the magnificent turquoise color of the lakes

I Bei Laghetti

from Bormio 3000 to Bormio 2000 (Valdisotto e Valfurva)

Total length of excursion: 14614 meters
Total uphill difference in height: 179 meters (1258 meters of difference in height downhill)
Approximate total time needed for the excursion: 5 hours and 30 minutes
Difficulty: medium (5 out of 10)
Recommended season: from the first days of June to the middle of September (in conjunction with the availability of the cable car)
Suitable for rainy days? no
General characteristics of the natural environment: high mountain route with beautiful alpine lakes
Presence of water\fountains on the excursion: yes
Trip on the borders of the Stelvio National Park: yes (in part)
Benches on the route: yes
Picnic areas on the route: yes
Alpine shelters, bars or restaurants along the route: no
Circular route: yes
Back and forth route: no
Pushchair accessible: no
Excursion starting point: Bormio 3000
Geographic coordinates of the starting point: 46°25’13.93” N – 10°24’39.94” E  —-   UTM:  32T 608433  –  5141741
Altitude of the starting point: 2995 meters asl             Maximum height reached on the excursion: 2995  meters asl


The excursion to “I bei Laghetti” is a long and fascinating high mountain itinerary marked by the incredible variety of landscapes, from an incredible view over Bormio and all the mountains of the area to the magnificent turquoise color of the lakes. And not to mention the unspoiled nature of the “Val Sobretta”, a gorge with marble streaks, the fragrant wood of “Pinus Cembra”, silence, peace and panoramas.

The last but not least important characteristic of this excursion is the reverse journey that you take on the mountain, with an itinerary that starts from the deserted and rocky high altitude area and ends among a Pine forest with its green undergrowth.

Description of the excursion

Leaving the cable car that connects Bormio 2000 and Bormio 3000 you go down to the ground floor of the building and then walk around the outside in an anticlockwise direction following the signs for route 541 “I bei Laghetti”. The first part of this track runs on the East ridge of Mount Vallecetta with an incredible view over Bormio and the Alta Valtellina Mountains.

At the first fork, well-marked by the wooden hiking signs, turn left and go downhill always on route 541 toward “I bei laghetti”.

The descent, on an evident track, is marked by rocky ground. After going a few hundred meters downhill the route begins to ascend.

Here, next to a white and red painted sign, you have to stay on the right continuing uphill and ignoring a misleading flat track that you find on the left. The ascent, just a few hundred meters long and always on a good track, takes you to a new downhill section also well-marked but with rocky ground.

The route, with a nice view of the North face of Mount Sobretta (and the remaining part of its glaciers) is easy to follow until you reach the 2716 meters of the wonderful “Bei Laghetti”. The peacefulness of the place and the color of the water in these incredible high mountain lakes will leave you astonished!!!

The track, in this section just a little less evident, runs on the left side of the lakes and, well marked with wooden poles, continues toward the South in the direction of “Bocca di Profa” (pass). Reaching the 2660 meters of “Bocca di Profa”, it is possible to see one of the lakes of Profa. Our itinerary, instead, continues toward the Northeast along the “Val Sobretta” on route 518 in the direction of “Baitin dei pastori” and “Bormio 2000”.

Since leaving the “Bei Laghetti” a high mountain barren prairie has begun to take the place of the deserted rocky ground. Descending along the nice track of “Val Sobretta”, alternating between plateaus and short steep downhill slopes, the vegetation gets richer as the altitude drops. Also it will become easier to breathe meter after meter. Near a descent with hairpin turns that brings you to the flat area of “Baitin del Pastore” a wonderful gorge appears at the side of the track. The marble streaks and the elegant shape of the rock, and the harmony of mother nature’s work will leave you speechless once again.

The descent continues until you reach a fork where you have to turn left on route 542/521 in the direction of “Bormio 2000”.

After crossing the wooden bridge turn right going uphill on the evident track 542. The ascent, although short, is initially quite steep.

The itinerary proceeds now surrounded by a fragrant wood of “Pinus Cembra” and rhododendron, with a nice view of Mount Confinale and Mount Tresero. At the bottom of the valley it’s possible to see the village of Santa Caterina Valfurva.

The track continues with easy up and down sections, without particular difficulties, until you reach a wonderful clearing. Here a new descent begins and in a few minutes, always surrounded by a beautiful conifer wood, brings you to the 2158 meters of “Monti di Sobrettina”.

At the crossroad you have to continue on route 543 along a easy stone road in the direction of “Bormio 2000”. The road, going slightly downhill for about 5 kilometers, brings you to the cable way of Bormio 2000 crossing a beautiful wood of “Pinus Cembra” with wonderful undergrowth.

This last section of the itinerary offers many areas furnished with benches and tables.

Enjoy your excursion!

Stefano and all staff of Albergo Adele


  • To head out on this excursion it’s necessary to take the cable ways of “Bormio Ski” and in particular the cable way that connects Bormio 2000 with Bormio 3000. When planning your excursion it’s necessary to pay particular attention to the opening and closing times of the service.
  • This itinerary takes place for a large part over 2500 meters in altitude. The thin air and lower oxygen levels, which are typical at these altitudes, accentuate physical fatigue and can make you feel short of breath. Is also always good to remember that at these altitudes the environmental and atmospheric conditions are those of the high mountain and should never be underestimated.
  • Along the route it’s possible to find temporary fences for the containment of livestock. We suggest you avoid touching the wire because it is electrified at a low voltage. The potential electric shock, even though it’s not dangerous, is never pleasant.