The itinerary described here is a long excursion with an incredible landscape. The route presents 3 different sections marked by fascinating environmental aspects. The first section, the most marked by the hand of man, takes you to the “Malga San Colombano” along the stone road that runs uphill from “Forte di Oga”.

The central section, from “Alpe San Colombano” to “Alpe Cerdec”, crosses an alpine environment barely touched by man where the harmony between the natural elements and the majesty of the wide panorama leaves you astounded and speechless. The third section, from “Cerdec” to “Forte di Oga”, instead crosses a conifer forest with fragrant and lush undergrowth.  It’s a fabulous excursion.

Forte di Oga, Malga San Colombano, Cerdec – circular route


Total length of excursion: 16041 meters
Total uphill difference in height: 922 meters
Approximate total time needed for the excursion: 6 hours
Difficulty: easy (4 out of 10)
Recommended season: from the end of June to the end of October (check the altitude of snow before your trip)
Suitable for rainy days? no
General characteristics of the natural environment: panoramic trail with incredible view over Bormio and Grand Zebrù
Presence of water\fountains on the excursion: yes
Trip on the borders of the Stelvio National Park: no
Benches on the route:no
Picnic areas on the route: no
Alpine shelters, bars or restaurants along the route: yes (Malga San Colombano – Ristoro San Colombano)
Circular route: yes
Back and forth route: no
Pushchair accessible: no
Excursion starting point: Forte di Oga (Valdisotto)
Geographic coordinates of the starting point: 46°28’01.25” N – 10°20’12.38” E —- UTM: 32T 602635 – 5146806
Altitude of the starting point: 1700 meters asl     Maximum height reached on the excursion: 2315 meters asl

Description of the excursion

From the Forte di Oga car park take the evident stone road that, following route 280, goes uphill in the direction of “Malga San Colombano”. The road, well signed, goes uphill with a regular slope crossing an enjoyable conifer wood. Near the alpine pasture the landscape becomes wider giving an incredible view of the peaks of Alta Valtellina among which the Gran Zebrù stands out for its beauty and grandeur.

Once you reach the 2235 meters of “Malga San Colombano” turn left on route 208 – Bormio 360 in the direction of “Baita Cerdec”.
After crossing the little valley imediately after the “Malga”, you proceed on flat ground for a few hundred meters toward the skilift. Passing under the ski lift, just below pole number 2, still following the obvious path, a short series of ups and downs leads to an old abandoned ski slope.

Once you reach the old ski slope, follow it downhill following the white and red signposts until you reach a detour where the path turns right (south) uphill.
The path taken, after a short descent, leads to an intersection with a signpost. At the detour, stay on the path that proceeds flat on itinerary 208 – Bormio 360 until you reach, a few hundred meters further on, an area marked by boulders.

Until 2021 the crossing of the large boulders was the most difficult part of the route. Significant maintenance works commissioned by the Comunità Montana Alta Valtellina to crown the Bormio 360 project have led to evident improvements, eliminating the previous difficulties and making this stretch of the route fully usable.

Crossing the ancient rockslide the track proceeds almost completely flat following the natural mountain slopes. This section of the route offers one of the most precious natural environments in the whole Alta Valtellina area. The harmony of the elements, silence, wide landscape and low number visitors, make this environment a diamond to admire and protect. A little corner of paradise which should be treated with reverence.
The last part of this section, changed in summer 2021, presents a descent that brings you to a new stone road.

Once you arrive at the road turn left downhill in the direction of “Baita Cerdec”.
From the alpine pasture of “Baita Cerdec” continue downhill until you reach a crossroad. Here stay on the left and take route 207 in the direction of “Baita la Mandria” and “Oga”.
After a few hundred meters you will find an area fenced off by a gate. At the end of this area, just a few meters after the exit gate, you will find a fountain where the fresh Levissima water gushes out. In this place, called “Pozzaccio”, one of the springs of the famous water company “Levissima” is indeed present.

From the spring continue downhill until you arrive at an impressive, wide clearing marked by big stones.
A few meters further you will find a new crossroad. Here you have to turn left and going uphill you will take route 276 in the direction of “Forte di Oga” and “Ghesa”. The uphill road, steep in the first section, will soon become easier until it brings you to a new flat area marked by a wonderful wood crossed by a picturesque little river.

Once you reach the “Ghesa” area (sign) the road turns left. With a short but steep uphill section you will arrive at a new fork were you have to continue straight on the flat track of route 276 in the direction of “Forte di Oga”.
After a short series of ups and downs begins a descent that brings you to a new panoramic balcony over Bormio and, just a few meters after, to a little wooden bridge.

Crossing the bridge continue straight going mostly downhill staying always on the main road until you arrive at a crossroad near a feeder for animals. Here turn left and going uphill on an easy stone road you climb the last short ascent.
At the next crossroad you will meet the stone road that connects the “Forte di Oga” and “Malga San Colombano” again. Here turn right and going downhill for a few hundred meters you will return to the starting point of this incredible excursion.

Enjoy your excursion!

Stefano and all staff of Albergo Adele