When hiking in Alta Valtellina you can visit, either alone or with an Alpine Guide, Val dei Forni, Val Zebrù, Stelvio National Park, Monte Scale and the Cancano lakes, and Val Viola. These are the main areas from where thousands of kilometres of roads and paths branch off, there is something for everyone.
Don’t overlook the paths around the outskirts of the villages, like the
Pedemontana della Reit, conveniently reached on foot from Bormio, that leads to the Bagni Vecchi and Uzza.


For mountaineers Gran Zebrù is the peak to aim for, together with the famous itinerary known as the ‘13 cime’ (13 peaks). Other popular destinations include the Casati refuge, Monte Cevedale and Monte Tresero, they symbol of Valfurva. Another is the Cima Piazzi, the mountain that produces Levissima mineral water.

From Monday to Saturday the Ortler – Cevedale Alpine Guides in Bormio offer a packed programme suitable for all levels, from families to mountaineers.
For further information visit the website Guide Alpine Ortler Cevedale, or
contact Eraldo Meraldi at: eraldomeraldi59@gmail.com.